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Friday, July 22, 2011

St Anne's Eve Marriage Divination

This is a hard trial, but what is not possible to any young lady who wishes to know her lot in marriage? —that most important change in human life.

Prepare yourself three days previous to the eve of this female saint (July 25 is the eve of Saint Anne's), by living on bread and water and sprigs of parsley, and touch no other thing whatever, or your labor will be lost.

The eve begins at the sixth hour. Go to bed as soon as convenient, and speak not a word after you once begin to undress; get into bed, lie on your left side with your head as low as possible, and repeat the following verse three times:

St. Anne, in silver clouds descend,
Prove thyself a female's friend;
Be it good or be it harm,
Let me have knowledge from the charm;
Be it husbands one, two, three.
Let me in rotation see;
And if fate decrees me four,
(No good maid could wish for more),
Let me view them in my dream,
Fair and clearly to be seen;
Bnt if the stars decree
Perpetual virginity,
Let me sleep on, and dreaming not,
I shall know my single lot.

Found in:
Encyclopaedia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences
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