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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maidens Fair on Hen Mountain

Themes: Arts; Humor; Relationships; Love: Fertility; Wealth; Health; Beauty.
Symbol: Light
Presiding Goddess: Amari De

About Amari De: In Romania, Amari De is a Gypsy goddess who is the great mother of all things and the personification of nature. According to lore, she bestows wealth, health, beauty, love, fertility, and insight to those who seek her. Descriptions say that she was so holy that a divine light always shone from her face. (see note below)

About the Festival:

Targul de Fete (Maidens Fair) on Muntele Gaina (The Hen Mountain) is a traditional Transylvanian folk festival. This fete was originally a marriage fair where young people came looking for partners. Over time the custom faded, and now it is more of a crafts, costume, and musical exhibition with lighthearted satire and nightlong bonfires that glow with Amari De's light.

The fair usually takes place on the Sunday before 20th of July on the flat top of Mount Gaina (roughly 33km west of Campeni) near the village of Avram Iancu. Villagers in traditional costume walk up to the mountain plateau for dancing, feasting and possibly even choosing a mate.

It is the largest festival in the region. The most famous performeres of traditional Romanian music, as well as local dance ensembles, come to celebrate.

To Do Today:

In keeping with this tradition, if you're planning a wedding or engagement, today would be a wonderful date to consider for either, as it draws Amari De's positive energy to that relationship.

This is also a good time for single folks to get out and mingle, carrying an Amari De love charm along for a little extra help. Find a little piece of luminescent cloth (like a fine silk that shines) and wrap it around a pack of matches. Bless the token saying:

Amari de,
bring love my way!

Ingnite one of the matches before going into a social situation so Amari de can light your way.

Found in: 365 Goddess
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