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Friday, July 15, 2011

Day of Rauni

The Day of Rauni (July 15th) is a Finnish and Cornish holy day. The Cornish goddess Rowana or Rauni, guardian of rowan trees, is patroness of the secret knowledge of the runes.

  • Origin: Finland
  • Other Names: Rowana
  • Presides over: Fertility and Childbirth
  • Tree: Rowan
  • Offerings: Water, plants, and mountain rowans
  • Favored people: herbalists, botanists, rune casters

Rauni, the rowan tree goddess, embodies all inherent powers of this beloved sacred tree, which is integral to Northern magical and spiritual traditions. The rowan, also known as the Witch Tree or Rune Tree, is a small tough tree able to thrive in very poor soil. Among other metaphysical properties, rowan trees provide spiritual protection.

Because her tree is protective, its wood, bark, and leaves, used for making protective amulets, are especially effective if cut today. A simple charm consists of binding some leaves and bark up in white or gold cloth with red thread while visualizing the goal of the spell.

According to one Finnish creation myth, the rowan (really Rauni in disguise), is Earth's first tree. In the beginning, Rauni came to Earth and saw that there were no plants. She assumed the form of a rowan tree. Her husband, thunder spirit Ukko, struck her with lightning and she conceived. Rauni and Ukko are the parents of all plants.

She is also the anodyne goddess invoked to heal, minimize, and eliminate pain of all kinds.

Source: Encyclopedia of Spirits


sanehat said...

interesting, especially the part about pain, love the picture

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I thought about you when I saw that. Are there Rowan trees in Michigan?

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