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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Rosalia

Themes: Love; Romance: Passion: Sexuality: Luck; Fertility; Beauty; Pleasure
Symbols: Roses; Copper; Turquoise; Sandalwood
Presiding Goddess: Aphrodite

About Aphrodite:
Since 1300 BC, Aprhodite has been worshiped as the ultimate goddess to inspire passion, spark romance, increase physical pleasure, augment inner beauty, and improve sexual self-assurance. Consequently, many artistic depictions show her naked, with erotic overtones. Aphrodite's name means "water born" or "foam born," intimating a connection with the ocean's fertility.

To Do Today:

Follow Greek custom and shower whatever goddess image you have at home with rose petals, or dab it with rose-scented oil. If you don't have a statue, poster, or painting, any visually beautiful object can serve as a proxy. This gesture honors and entreats Aphrodite, who responds by granting good luck, espceially in matters of the heart.

Another tradition is bathing yourself in rose water to emphasize Aphrodite's comeliness (both within and without). Rose water is available at many Asian and international supermarkets. Or you can make it easily by steeping fresh rose petals in warm (not hot) water and straining. If you don't have time for a full bath, just dab a little of the rose water over the region of your heart to emphasize this goddess's love and attractiveness where it can do the most good - in your emotional center.

Found in:
365 Goddess

When researching this post, I found information about the Rosalia that was somewhat different than what is presented in the book, 365 Goddess. According to wikipedia, Rosalia is also the Latin term for the Greek Anthesteria. The Anthesteria is a Festival of Flowers ('Anthê') for Dionysos, focused primarily on opening the new wine and on placating the spirits of the dead. In Roman times, Rosalia was celebrated in the means of honoring the dead. Standards in every legion were gathered around the altar at the center of a military camp and crowned with wreaths of roses. Since similar rites were held at family tombs, this military rite may have been intended to honor fallen comrades.
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