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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Magick

Ruler: Thor, Jupiter
Colors: Purple and royal blue
Power Hours: Sunrise and the 8th, 16th, and 24th hours following.
Key Words: Wisdom, money, protection

It is easy to spot the ruler of this day by its name. In the word Thursday, we see the roots of the name of the Norse god Thor, protector of both gods and humans against the forces of evil. The Norse believed that during a thunderstorm, Thor rode through the heavens on his chariot, thus the verse "Thursday's child has far to go."

In Spanish this day of the week is called Jueves and is derived from Jove or Jupiter. Thursday is a Jupiter day. This is a great day for money issues, as Jupiter is the ruling planet of all sorts of financial concerns. Self-improvement, research, and study are also good for this day, as well as travel and social gatherings.

Thursday's angel is Sachiel. Sachiel sort of surfs the days of the week, and in various texts can be found in the Monday, Thursday, or Friday categories. He presides over the planet Jupiter. Invoke him from the south.

On Thursdays, the hour of sunrise and every eight hours after that are also ruled by Jupiter, and that makes these times of the day doubly blessed. These four hours are the strongest ones to do ritual in. Check the local newspaper, astrological calendar, or almanac to determine your local sunrise.

Keep in mind, however, that Jupiter magick always makes more of whatever you have. So if you have nothing, this is not the best energy to work with.

Found in: Angels Companions in Magick, and Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients

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