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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Magickal Powers of Metal

Metal today is an under-utilized modern magical material. Each metal, like each stone or botanical, projects a specific magical energy, although as there are fewer metals than the vast quantities of botanicals or cyrstals, it is easier to sum up these powers.

When worn or placed on the body, metals can create certain patterns of energy to manifest. For example, when performing a ritual to manifest money, placing a bit of gold on the altar or body creates a universal pattern of "like attracting like" and helps set the intent of the spell more firmly in the mind of the practitioner.

The various magical metal correspondences are as follows:
  • Aluminum: Communication, travel, mental powers
  • Brass: Protection, love, money
  • Copper: Love, healing
  • Gold: Wealth, vitality, healing, power, protection, success
  • Iron: Power, magick, very grounding and protective
  • Lead: Domination, binding (the most frequently used material for curse tablets)
  • Pyrite: Money, luck
  • Silver: Protection, fertility, intuition, wisdom, dreams, peace, travel, love
  • Tin: Wealth, luck, divination

Found in Elemental Witch, and Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells
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