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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Hand of Ishtar

According to ancient Mesopotamian belief, all-seeing, all-knowing, sprits punish a host of infractions, some of which you may not even have realized you had committed until you received the punishment. Mesopotamian deities typically communicate their displeasure by inflicting disease. Each possesses its own specific illness. Thus you will know by the disease, whose displeasure you have evoked. Ishtar, Divine Spirit of Love, Live, and Sexual Delights, punishes via sexual dysfunction. If impotence is a result of her anger, then the only way it can be resolved is through rituals to evoke her forgiveness.
However, a problem of ambiguity exists: impotence may also be the result of malevolent bewitchment cast by another person, or of a mangled Fidelity Spell cast by your wife to stop you from playing around on the side. (The notion of a purely physical cause may or may not have existed.)
The root cause of impotence affect the nature of its cure. This diagnostic spell seeks to determine whether lack of sexual ability stems from human hands or from the Hand of Ishtar. As with many healing rituals someone else performs the spell for the patient.
  • Form dough from emmer wheat and potter's clay.
  • Use it to create male and female figures.
  • Place on on top of the other, however you're inspired.
  • Place them near the afflicted man's head.
  • Recite an incantation seven times, blessing Ishtar and requesting that the needed information be clearly revealed.
  • Remove these figures and place them in the vicinity of a pig.

If the pig approaches the figures, this confirms that Ishtar is responsible for the ailment. A cure may be made through offerings and rituals of appeasement. If however the pig does not approach the figures, if they do not attract its attention, the man has been bewitched by a person. In order to undo the spell, he must find the charm and undo it or take other magical measures.
NOTE: I've left the ancient spell's original instructions as per materials on the off chance that "emmer wheat" has some magical qualities distinct from other wheat and that this ingredient may be possible for some to find. However, feel free to substitute a more convenient wheat if needs be.
Found in: Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells
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