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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Songkran - Thailand

Themes: Cleansing; Luck; Charity; Karma; History
Symbols: Pen (or Quill); Books; Light
Presiding Goddess: Tou Mou

The Chinese/Thai goddess, Tou Mou, the goddess of record keeping takes special notice of our actions (or inactions) today, keeping careful notes for the karmic bank account. In works of art, Tou Mou is depicted sitting behind books and glowing with the beautiful light of the aurora. It is this brightness that shines on our lives today, revealing both the good and the bad. Suitable offerings for this goddess include rice, fruit, and all acts of goodness.

To Do Today:

In Thailand, this water festival begins with tossing water down the street to chase away evil influences. I suggest using your driveway instead, or a glass of water on the kitchen floor that is judiciously mopped up later.

People in Thailand traditionally wash their parents' hands with scented water today to bring them honor and long life. So, remember your elders today, and do something nice for them - it's good karma, and it definitely catches Tou Mou's attention. Another activity extends good deeds to the natural world - that of freeing songbirds, who then bear their liberator's prayers directly to Tou Mou's ear. You might want to simply scatter some birdseed instead for similar results.

Mantras or chants are often used to invoke spiritual powers. Praise to the Three Pure Ones is a Taoist chant to invoke Tou Mou. The Three Pure Ones, are symbols of the three heavens corresponding to Heaven, Humanity, and Earth. The mantra is as follows:

(Sounds like:) San Ching Jiao Tzu Wu Liang Tien Tzun

Finally, it might be a good day to balance your checkbook to make sure your financial karma stays in good standing. Burn a green candle nearby for prosperity.

Found in: 365 Goddess
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