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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ishtar's Better Business Spell

Obtain a handful of dirt from each of the following places: a bridge, a quay, a ferry, a four-way crossroads, Ishtar's temple, a bordello, the city gates, a gardener's home, a chef's home, and a successful innkeeper's home. Blend and reserve the dirt. There should be ten handfuls in all.

Construct a wicker altar for Ishtar. Make or purchase loaves of bread that are in the shape of women's breasts. Place these on or beneath the altar. Blend either three or seven distinct sources of spring water together. Place this water in a vessel beside the bread. Fumigate the area with Juniper incense. Offer Ishtar some top quality beer.

Consider exactly what sort of assistance you require. Turn your request into an incantation, repeating it exactly the same way seven times.

Moisten the reserved dirt with some of the water, blending it with your fingers until you achieve a clay-like texture. Repeat your incantation seven more times.

Use some of the water to wash the front entrance to your home or business. Use the moistened dirt to form the figure of a calf. This is not an art project- do the best you can. Paint the calf gold, if you like. Bury it in Earth on your property, together with Ishtar's beer and loaves of bread.

Found in: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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