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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moonstone Magick

Ruler: Moon
Type: Mineral
Qualities: Sensitivity, intuition, clairvoyanceMagickal Form: Gemstone

The physical appearance of a stone often suggests its spiritual qualities, and moonstone's foremost attribute is the ability to assist us in calming and soothing the emotions. Even its appearance is subtle. They aren't brilliant stones; all specimens, from the peach and gray hues to the gem-quality blue, and rainbow-colored pieces, cast a light which is soft and translucent.

Said to be infused with the light of the moon, this gemstone holds the power of prophecy and divination. It lends great protection to its wearer. Use moonstones to tell the future and to increase psychic awareness. Wear the pink or rose-colored stones near the heart to attract love.

Moonstone stimulates confidence and is worn for protection. It is also believed to increase fertility and honors the energy of the moon. Because of this, it is useful in fertility matters, protection, and increasing one's psychic vibrations.

Moonstone assists with greater clarity and light while opening doors to ones inner capabilities. It is considered a talisman for good fortune and success as it helps the wearer to see all possibilities and discard tunnel vision.

When one has achieved a state of emotional calmness, this stone may be used to open people to an intuitive understanding of spirituality. An important aspect of this understanding is the acceptance and appreciation of the nature of change in physical existence -- just as the moon herself undergoes constant change.

Though wearing moonstone as a ring is often recommended, it is equally effective in other forms of jewelry. If you want to use it as part of a meditation you can either sit and hold it in your receptive (non-dominant) hand, or, if lying down, place it on the heart, solar plexus or third eye.

Compiled from various sources including:
The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients
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