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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hiccups - Old Gypsy Cures

  • To cure hiccups repeat in one breath the words:
    There was an old woman who lived all alone,
    And she was made of skin and bone.
    One day to church she went to pray,
    And on the ground a man there lay,
    And from his head unto his feet
    The worms crawled in, the worms crawled out.
    The woman to the parson said:
    Shall I be so when I am dead?
    The parson he said yes

  • In a droning, deep, ghostly tone say the following:
    There was an old man an' an old woman,
    And they lived in a bottle and eat BONES

  • Munch a spoonful of sugar
  • Scare the one troubled with hiccoughs by some startling announcement or accusation, as, See, you've torn your dress! or, How did you break my vase? etc
  • Steadily point a finger at the hiccougher, or to make him hold up his arm and shake it
  • Slowly take nine sips of water
  • Put the thumb up against the lower lip, with the fingers under the chin, and say, "hiccup, hiccup, over my thumb," nine times
  • Try for a long time to make the edges of the thumb-nails meet at the end
  • Think of the one you love best, to cure hiccoughs
  • Put a butter knife in a glass of water with the handle up. Keeping the knife in the water, hold the handle of the knife to your left temple while at the same time drinking the entire glass of water.

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