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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Candle Magick

One of the most used tools of spellcraft and magick, candles are essentially vessels that carry and deliver prayers. Candles are also used on the altar to honor gods and goddesses and the four quarters or elements (earth, air, fire, and water).

Candle colors and shapes have different meanings:
  • Red: love or energy
  • Pink: flirtation, harmony, or emotional healing
  • Orange: success and motivation
  • Brown: power and stability
  • Black: protection or cursing
  • White: to clear the path, protection, and healing
  • Blue: peace and protection
  • Green: prosperity, fertility, growth
  • Purple: power and wisdom
  • Yellow, success, fame, and glory, also clarity
  • Male and female figures: love, protection, separation, healing
  • Cat : love and luck
  • Cross: protection, meditation, devotion
  • Seven-knot: burned while making wishes as each knot burns
  • Seven-color: devotionals for the seven orishas, or Yoruban gods and goddseses
  • Skull: used for hexing or healing depending on the color
  • Witch: love spells
  • Reversible or double-action: these black and red candles are burned to return evil to the sender.
The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients
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