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Saturday, January 01, 2011

January Magick

Gaze, Janus, my lord
with two strong faces
through the doorway of this moment.
See coming times and distant places.
Reveal the past to us, its secret omens.

January starts the year with a plethora of fun, frolicsome festivity. The new year in particular is celebrated by at least 170 nations. The month gets its name from Jana, a moon goddess, which explains the abundance of water-related observances this month (in esoteric traditions, the moon represents the water element). It's also named after Janus (Jana's husband), the gatekeeper of heaven, who sees the past and future. This couple oversees the year's beginning by offering you refreshed perspective and hope for a better tomorrow.

In terms of energy, January focuses on beginnings. It's a time for personal renewal, starting any beloved project, and sustaining those things already in progress. Magic for health, protection, and prosperity is particularly augmented by working during this month.

1 comment:

libramoon said...

This is a very special year. It ends in lucky "11" -- which I feel signifies hope.

I am ready to create a magical, beautiful year. Please, feel free, feel hope, feel your creative energy surge. We can co-create this year to be the year we've always hoped for.

Peace (and a very, merry New Year to you [plural]),

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