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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Poem for the New Moon

The Goddess,
from the great above,
She set Her mind towards the great below,
from the great above,
She set Her mind toward the great below.
My Lady abandoned heaven,
abandoned Earth,
to the nether world She descended,
Inanna abandoned heaven,
abandoned Earth,
to the nether world She descended.


Monday, July 05, 2010

Magickal Gardening

Gardens can be both products of enchantment and independent producers of enchantment; they are a living, on-going magic spell. Gardens may be arranged in any variety of ways - color-coordinated, whatever was on sale at the nursery, even completely haphazardly. If you select, coordinate, and arrange plants according to the magic powers they radiate, then planting a garden becomes one style of casting a spell. Thus your desire to draw wealth, protection, or fertility to one's home is manisfested by carefully arranging the appropriate plants, and vigilantly removing those possessing opposing, contradictory powers.

This obviously is a long-term extended magic spell, rather than the type of quick-fix luck spell you might choose for a spontaneous trip to a casino. How will you benefit from this type of garden spell?

  • The actual spell-casting and then time spent among the botanicals and their radient energy creates the desired adjustment on your own energy.

  • The radiant energy of the coordinated garden draws and/or repels the targeted goal to you and your home in a more powerful manner than one botanical or amulet could achieve alone.

  • This spell is a symbiotic, reciprocal process, which ultimately strengthens all living participants for their mutual benefit. The garden will additionally attract complementary animal and spirit allies who will also contribute to the success of your spell.
This type of magic spell is not limited to those with access to personal property or sunny weather. Magick spell gardens may be created idoors in pots. Furthermore, an entire garden need not be created; orne or two individual plants may be grown as part of a magic spell or to further other magic spells.

Source: Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Alexandrian Harvest Spell

Magic spells are always as simple or as complex as the practitioner wishes. An involved, formal harvesting spell follows; follow it precisely, if it suits you, or consider how best to adapt for your own personal needs.

Alexandrian Harvest Spell

This elaborate plant-gathering ritual was recorded in Alexandria, Egypt during the first centuries of the common era.

1. The harvester first performs personal cleansing spells, while simultaneously purifying his or her body, which at that time meant refraining from sexual relations and eating meat, usually for a period of several days.

2. Sprinkle natron (the natural salt used in the mummification process) over the area being harvested. (Baking soda is a close, modern substitute. Dead Sea salt may also be appropriate.)

3. Place pine resin in a senser and use it to fumigate the area around the chosen plant, circling it three times.

4. Burn kyphi and pour a libation of milk, while engaged in simultaneous prayer and petition.

5. Finally pull up the plant, simultaneously invoking the name of the diety to whom the herb is dedicated, requesting assistance with the purpose of your spell.

6. The uprooted plant is rolled in a pure white linen cloth.

7. Blend seven wheat seeds and seven barley seeds in some honey. Insert this in the hole left by uprooting the plant and then fill it with dirt.

Source: Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Friday, July 02, 2010

Honeysuckle Magic

  • Use this flower to foster better communication and increase your creative energy.
  • In the summer months, suck the nectar of the fresh flowers for inspiration.
  • Add the oil to orange or yellow candles for creative brainstorming.
  • Rub into green candles for new momeymaking ideas.

Source: Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients

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