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Friday, February 12, 2010

Marriage and Fertility Charms

Carry a sachet of orange flowers to get the word out that you are in the mood for marriage.

Carry a bagful of hazel nuts to ensure your own fertility, or give to a bride to ensure hers.

Other herbs to ensure fertility are basil, hazel, poppy, cucumber, apple, pomegranate, acorns, myrtle, and all nuts.

Men should carry a piece of mandrake root to ensure their own fertility and sexual prowess, while the jasmine flower does the same for women. The first seven herbs listed above can be added to food and taken internally to ensure proper fertility, or they can be introduced into sachets, as can acorns, myrtle, and nuts.

Yarrow makes an excellent marriage charm. On a friday during Waxing Moon, take nine dried yarrow flower heads. Bind the stems together with a copper wire. Then, tie a small bow over the wire with a green ribbon. Present it to the married couple, with the instructions to hang over their bed. Or place it on the headboard.

If you get into a fight with your husband or wife, wear the oil of basil and endeavor to have him or her smell it. Both tempers will instantly be soothed and calmed.

~Scott Cunningham
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