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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gypsy Cures for Coughs and Colds

The Romany culture was rich in cures for coughs and cold. Some suited one, and some suited another. Here are some authentic Gypsy cures for the common cold. (As always, use common sense when trying the remedies, and consult your doctor if you are seriously ill. Remember these cures are from times long past.)

First, some of the simplest remedies which are easy to try. Did you know, for instance, that the vinegar from a jar of pickled walnuts is a very good gargle for sore throats? Do not throw it away, keep it in an airtight jar until it is needed. If you have a hard cough, beat the white of an egg to a froth, then add a tablespoonful each of vinegar and sugar. Drink this at bedtime, and the cough will not trouble you during the night.

If you have a dry cold, drink peppermint tea...

I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved to my new website, Gypsy Magick and Lore, hosted at, and can be found in its entirety here: Gypsy Cures for Coughs and Colds

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Authentic Gypsy Herbal Cures

Anyeta Petulengro (read about her family here) by all accounts was indeed a noted herbalist. She refused any payment for her cures, and helped hundreds of village folk who were sick or needed advice. Being a true Romany she never took money for curing - though it was often offered in gratitude - because tribal tradition said it would be most unlucky to do so. Herbs, cereals, vegetables, fruit barks, simples of every kind are the remedies, the salves which God has sent to the Romany to heal his ills. It is for us to use them, to neglect nature`s cures is to turn away our greatest treasure.

There is one truth about sickness you must never forget. Nature makes the ailments and nature makes the cure. Over the next several days, I'll be uploading lots of information on herbs and authentic Gypsy herbal cures. Here is a list of posts on herbal remedies currently available on this site:

"Kooshti Sante! ~ Good Health!"

Disclaimer: The author of this site is not Doctor or medical certified professional, the information presented here is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Gypsy Diet

Diet was a very important part, not only of health, but also of beauty for the Romanies. Much of the malaise and depression around today stems from a sluggish system. Walking and fresh air help to combat this, but the best way to keep your system clear is to stick to a careful, sensible diet. Eat fruit, plenty of vegetables, salads, stewed prunes occasionally, take butter milk or malted milk. Eat sparingly of rice, pastry, pasta and sweets.

Gypsy Vardo Art

It is a fact that the true Romany only begins to grow old at around the eightieth year. What secrets enable them to keep their youth?

I'm sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved to my new website, Gypsy Magick and Lore, hosted at, It can be found in it's entirety here: The Gypsy Diet

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Circle Chant

Circling circling circling round
The sea is the sky is the sun is the ground
And the circle within and the circle unseen
Where the unknown is known and the future has been


Monday, January 19, 2009

It's a Tea Party!!

I just couldn't resist.


Here we have links to the mini-course in Reading Tea Leaves found here at Gypsy Magic.

Tea Leaf Interpretations

Possible Interpretations of the various shapes and signs most commonly found when reading tea leaves. These symbols also hold true for dream interpretation and other omens and signs. As always, what feels true for you may be different than what is listed here, when in doubt always trust your own intuition.

ACORN - Continued health—improved health. A very strong and fortunate symbol indicating happiness and contentment; at the top: financial success; at the bottom: good health.
AIRCRAFT - Journey; travel.
ALLIGATOR or CROCODILE - Beware of false friendship lurking in your professional life.
ANCHOR - Lucky symbol. Success in business or in love. If blurred or indistinct just the reverse. At top: stability, constancy in love or business; at bottom or broken: instability, inconstancy; can also symbolize an unpleasant situation or burden you should sail away from.
ANGEL - Good news; protection.
ANIMALS - Domestic animals:friends. Domestic animals snarling:friends turn on you or behave strangely. Wild animals: a new experience, independence. Wild animals attacking: beware of enemies.
ANT - Hard work or busy phase will end productively, success through hard work.
ANVIL - Others rely on you, and may expect too much. Don't be taken for granted.
APPLE - You learn something to your advantage. For the student, the chance for further education. Life; creative or artistic achievement; abundance.
ARCH - positive opening or opportunity (look to nearby symbols for added meaning).
ARM - Pointing up: new directions; down: you need to motivate yourself; horizontal: help others or receive help from others.
ARROW - Hasty news, probably bad. Also note where pointing. Up: good direction, yes; down: wrong direction, no; horizontal: no change.
AXE - You have the power to overcome difficulties.
BABY - New life; possible pregnancy; small worries.
BAG - A journey or possible trap; if open: escape.
BALL - You have little control over your own life. Desire to travel.
BALLOON - Busy social life; life out of control, inability to settle down if near handle.
BARREL - Abundance in laughter.
BASKET - Harvest, abundance; material gain; possibly a new baby.
BAT (the animal) - A productive busy phase.
BAT or CLUB - Friends talk behind your back, situation calling for alert caution.
BEACON or LIGHTHOUSE - Situation calling for your leadership and/or inspiration.
BEAR - A grouchy and difficult person; strength, courage and endurance; if teddy bear: children or childhood.
BED - Sleep on it before establishing a close love or business relationship
BEE - A lucky few months to come. Things go your way, fruitful hard work.
BEETLE - Renewal; progress; need for foresight.
BELL - Unexpected good news in love or business; call to attention
BICYCLE - Individuality; choose your own path.
BIRD - Good news or message; standing bird: delay; flying bird: good news; good news coming soon; flock of birds: profound or exciting news; If flying, good news from the direction it comes. If at rest a fortunate journey. goose: successful financial venture; peacock: pride and display; eagle: power and transcendence; crow/raven: ill omen, warning, time to relax; parrot: beware of idle gossip; chicken/hen: happy home life and childhood comfort; dove: peace and love; owl: wisdom, knowledge and learning, keep your own council; rooster: a boastful person or wake up and seize the moment; swan: romance or someone graceful and beautiful; vulture: lay low and beware of enemies; swallow: love and new beginnings.
BOAT - Help in time of trouble. Worthwhile journey; your ship is coming in.
BONES - Situation calling for inner strength and spiritual fortitude.
BOWL - Invitations, money or generosity.
BOOK - You will have dealings with the law, solicitors, or some official body. If open: an answer to a question; if closed: a question to be investigated.
BOOT - Generally a lucky sign. You will move on in life. A planned journey will be a happy one. Difficulties pass.
BOTTLE - Don't neglect health problems. Explosive atmosphere requiring caution; do not overindulge.
BOUQUET or FLOWERS- Very lucky, true love, true friends, happiness in all areas of life. Romantic interest; validation for your work or talents.
BOW - You will gain what you hope for, but only through hard work. A fortunate symbol meaning gift or celebration of achievement.
BOX - You are about to receive a gift.
BREAD (loaf) - Nourishment; care for your health.
BRIDGE - An excellent opportunity is given to you. A life-changing event or person. Look for nearby symbols.
BROOM or BRUSH - You can sweep all your worries away. New home; new era in your life.
BUBBLES - Floating on surface of tea or coffee means money coming.
BUGS - Distractions; fractured concentration; need for relaxed focus
BUSH -An obstacle to new opportunities; branches signify choices.
BUTTERFLY - A care-free period is about to begin, overdue happiness.
CAGE - Restriction. Illness
CAKE - A wish fulfilled; celebration.
CAMEL - You will overcome burden and pressure to reach oasis.
CANDLE - You can be of help to others. There will be light upon an uncertain path; help from friends.
CAR - If clear: travel; if broken: mechanical trouble.
CARPETS - True friends and happy social engagements.
CASTLE - Promotion. Official position. Expand your horizons; open up a little.
CAT - Deceit; an untrustworthy friend.
CHAIN - Marriage or business contract. If well-formed: fortunate undertaking or serious commitment; if broken: trouble, disruption.
CHAIR - Happiness in domestic matters. Security, contentment, a guest or new addition to the family.
CHILD - New idea; family.
CHURCH - Marriage, christening or funeral, depending on surrounding omens.
CIGAR - A new friend or business relationship.
CIRCLE - Completion of any matter concerning the enquirer at the time. Unbroken: success, completion; broken (like letter 'c'): a temporary offer will come, tentative offers without fruition.
CLOCK - Warning against procrastination.
CLOUDS - Small and fluffy: happy optimism; thick and dark: gloom; sadness.
CLOVER - Good luck, Four-leaf clover - exceptional good luck.
COFFEE POT OR TEA POT - A special visitor is coming, probably not romantic.
COFFIN - The end of something.
COIN - A lump sum of money is coming your way.
COMB - Improve your self appearance.
COMET - Brink of pivotal change or dramatic event in your life.
CORN - Prosperity; money worries end.
COW - Abundance; prosperity; physical or creative fertility.
CRAB - Admonition to be more direct or someone born under the zodiac sign Cancer.
CROOK - A shepherd's crook, others rely on you to take the lead. Your advice is requested.
CROSS - Sacrifice, unhappiness. If like a 'T': hard won success and happiness; if like a solid 'X': warning (look for meaning with nearby symbols); if like a broken 'X': obstacles and losses are ahead.
CROWN - Success, honor and recognition for your talents.
CUP - Your efforts are noticed and rewarded. Be patient, this is not a time to assert yourself.
CUSHIONS OR PILLOWS - Comfort; admonition against laziness and procrastination.
DAGGER - An enemy tries to harm you. Caution against sharp words or revealing personal information.
DAISY - New love.
DASHES or DOTS - Money. Alternatively - Many short trips which may cause wasted time.
DEER - A shy, timid person; you should be more assertive to overcome shyness.
DEVIL - You feel like letting your hair down. Don't overdo it; you may suffer.
DIAMOND - Gift or other surprise windfall coming you way.
DICE - Destiny and change, go with the flow.
DISH - Interpret as a circle unless containing food; contains food = domestic comfort.
DOG - Good friend; if at bottom friend needs help; if barking, untrustworthy friend; or, someone born in Chinese Zodiac dog year.
DONKEY - Stubbornness and stamina.
DOOR - Be aware of opportunities.
DRAGON - Scheming or flashy person; or, someone born in Chinese Zodiac dragon year.
DROPS - Tears or sadness.
DRUM - A change; a call to action.
DUCK - Devoted mate; money.
EAR - Take no notice of gossip. You will benefit from something you hear.
EGG - If whole: new life, successful new beginning; if cracked/broken: failed plans or financial problems which can be overcome by action.
ELEPHANT - Be patient, you will be supported with kindness. Good Luck, good health, happiness.
ENVELOPE - You will receive a long awaited letter or important paperwork.
EXCLAMATION MARK - Pay attention; beware of impulsive actions.
EYE - Be aware of what is going on around you. A protective symbol; insight into a long standing problem.
FACE - A new friendship, or an old friend comes back into your life. If the face is unpleasant, beware; the person is not as nice as they seem. Look for nearby initials for identity of face; if near the rim or handle it is a warning against too much introspection; if facing another symbol indicates importance of that symbol.
FAN - Don't try to cover up the truth, it will cause trouble in the future. A flirtation.
FEATHER - Something you laugh at may not be so trivial after all. Also a need for concentration.
FENCE - Obstacles, temporary and self-imposed limitations.
FINGER -Emphasizes whatever symbol it is pointing; up: caution; down: stop.
FIRE - Passion; hot emotion; sexual desire.
FISH - Sharing of knowledge; a teacher; a person born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces (especially if there are two fish).
FIST - Something threatens you. Quarrels and disputes.
FLAG - Danger, look to nearby symbols for added meaning.
FLEUR DE LYS or LILY - Femininity; a loving woman.
FLOWER - Praise and compliments are coming your way.
FLY - An annoying person.
FOOT - A journey overseas. Movement in love, career or location.
FORK - Get advice from trusted friends before deciding.
FORKED LINE - A decision to be made.
FOUNTAIN - Overflowing happiness.
FOX - A cunning person may be trying to trick you.
FRUIT - Prosperity, fertility.
FROG - Fertility; abundance; a disguised handsome/beautiful lover.
GATE - Be aware of opportunities around you.
GALLOWS - A loss of money or position.
GLASS - Celebrations, parties, social events.
GLOBE - Long distance travel.
GOAT - Your persistence will pay off, but take some time to recreate; or, a person born under the sign of Capricorn.
GRAPES - Abundance and epicurean enjoyment.
GRASSHOPPER - Summer delights.
GUN - Someone speaks ill of you; danger; a bully.
HAMMER - An attempted persuasion.
HAND - If open: karma or destiny; if closed means an argument; look for added meaning where the hand is pointing.
HARE - Unlike the shorter eared rabbit, the long eared hare represents something important brewing in your destiny in love or travel.
HARP - Love; romance.
HAT or HELMET - You are offered work. You will experience a change in roles; or business success.
HEART - Love, friendship, romance. A lover. If close to a ring, marriage to the present lover. If indistinct, the lover is fickle.
HEAVENLY BODIES —(Sun, Moon, Star) — Good luck; great happiness and success.
HILLS - Small challenges which will leave you improved.
HORSE - If galloping means good news; if just the head means a lover
HORSESHOE - good luck; very positive especially for travel.
HOURGLASS - A warning to be punctual. You may not have as much time to finish a task as you expect. Do it now.
HOUSE - Home, family, security. Help from the family. Comfort.
ICEBERG - Danger.
INSECT - Minor worries and irritations, distractions; fractured concentration; need for relaxed focus
IVY - Faithful lovers and friends. This is not a good time to be too independent; trust friends to help you.
JEWELS - Material success; you will receive a valuable gift.
JUG - Good health.
KANGAROO - Travel; a journey.
KETTLE - Contentment in the home. A special visitor is coming, probably not romantic.
KEY - New project. The future is in your hands.
KITE - Your wish will be granted.
KNIFE - Separation, broken friendship or love affair. caution against sharp words or revealing personal information.
LADDER - Advancement, promotion; an improvement in your business life.
LAMP - The lamp throws light on something that has puzzled you. The way ahead is clear. At the top means a feast; at the side means secrets revealed; at the bottom means postponement.
LEAF, LEAVES and TREES - Good news, good health, growth. The turning over of a new leaf; inevitable changes with the passage of time.
LETTER - News is on the way. You will receive a long awaited letter or important paperwork.
LIGHTHOUSE - Take heed of any warning given to you.
LIGHTNING - Startling events; sudden insights.
LINES - Movement. Single line, advancement. Double lines: a journey. Long lines that cross: decisions that affect the course of your life; journey on a road; if straight: progress; if wavy: uncertain path; if many: many short trips.
LION - Male lion represents a powerful contact or important man; the lioness represents a strong family; or, may represent a person born under the zodiac sign of Leo.
LOCK - There are obstacles in your way.
LOOP - If well-formed: fortunate undertaking or serious commitment; if broken: trouble, disruption.
MAN - A visitor of either gender; if near handle = someone close to you.
MASK - A secret to be kept.
MOON - Crescent Moon: Prosperity, fame. If cloudy, difficulties will be solved. New Moon: good fortune, especially for new ventures. Half Moon: love. Old moon: bad luck.
MOUNTAIN - A difficult, but possible, goal.
MOUSE - Be cautious of credit deals.
MUSHROOM - Rapid growth, success or fertility.
NAIL - Enemies try to harm you. Two-faced friends. An unfair assault.
NECKLACE - Complete personal relationship stability; broken: instability in a personal relationship.
NEEDLE - Painful repair.
NET - Beware pitfalls. Danger surrounds you.
OAK - Long life characterized by good health.
OCTOPUS - Warning.
OWL—Indicates sickness or poverty. Warning against starting a new venture.
OYSTER - Passion and desire.
PALM TREE - Good omen. Success in any undertaking. Single people learn of marriage. Wealth; beach vacation.
PARASOL - Protection from harm or loss.
PEOPLE - Representations of people mean exactly what they show, for example, a policeman, an old woman, a doctor, or someone angry, sad, celebrating, and so on.
PICK AXE - Determination gets you what you want.
PIG - A greedy or jealous person.
PISTOL - Warning of danger.
PURSE - Money.
PYRAMID - Concentrate on the spiritual side of life.
QUESTION MARK - Indecision. The symbols around it should help to make up your mind. Reconsider your plans; be aware of an important question you should ask yourself.
RABBIT - Fertility in family or business; someone born in the Chinese Zodiac year of the rabbit.
RAINBOW - Hope for the future. End of strife. Your wish will come true; similar to an arch, it links represents the path between today and your destiny.
RAKE - You are at a crossroad and your destiny is determined by hard work.
RECTANGLE or SQUARE - You will face a challenge or difficulty (look to nearby symbols, especially symbols within the shape, for added meaning.
RING - True and lasting love. Represents marriage but usually interpreted as a circle; unbroken: success, completion; broken (like letter 'C'): a temporary offer will come, tentative offers without fruition.
ROSE - New romance; deepening of love.
RUG - go with your instincts in distinguishing from a rectangle or square; represents joyful social events and true friendship.
SADDLE - Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.
SAW - Something should be removed.
SCALES - You will be treated just as you deserve. If the scales are weighed down at one side, you'll be unjustly treated. If they are weighed down with a lucky symbol close by, you will get away with something, or get up lightly. A legal matter. A person born under the zodiac sign of Libra.
SCISSORS - It may be time to remove yourself from a situation or relationship.
SCYTHE - The sudden end of something. Accident or death.
SHEEP - A calm and peaceful person; an admonition to control impulses.
SHELL - You will find a simple treasure. Good news. Happiness near water.
SHIP - Worthwhile journey; your ship is coming in.
SHIPWRECK - Theft. Loss. Forlorn hope.
SHOE - You are on the correct path; be wary of advice to change.
SNAKE - Recovery from illness. Alternatively, someone who does not deserve your trust.
SPADE - A period of hard work.
SPIDER - Persistence will pay off. A small reward or win.
SPIDER WEB - Potent symbol of fate; beware of traps.
SPOON - Others prove helpful. You will be comforted by some one's generosity.
STAR - Good fortune, success, recognition and praise. Shooting star - sudden fame.
STAIR - Your position will improve.
SUN - Happiness, confidence, a new beginning.
SWORD - Caution against sharp words or revealing personal information.
TABLE - A gathering, a party, a happy social interlude.
TEAPOT - A small gathering. Don't speak ill of others.
TENT - An adventurous period in your life. A new job may find you doing something completely different. Travel may help you foster your spiritual health.
THIMBLE - Focus on fostering your home life.
TORNADO or WHIRLWIND - Prepare for turbulent weather.
TORTOISE or TURTLE - Lasting success through slow, determined and patient efforts.
TOWER - Risk of disappointment.
TREE - alone: family, roots, heritage; leafless: family conflict; many leaves: family contentment; group of trees: family unity; evergreen: enduring relationships; palm: wealth or beach vacation.
TRIANGLE - You are involved in a three way relationship; if wedge shaped = one person is getting in the way of your relationship with the other person. Alternatively it could mean unexpected good fortune. Pointing upwards: success. Pointing downwards: failure.
TRIDENT - Prongs upwards: gain through the sea, a journey by water, a sailor comes into your life. Prongs downwards: loss through water.
UMBRELLA - Protection from harm or loss. Help comes when needed.
URN - Be aware of the distinction between material and spiritual success.
VASE - A secret being kept from you; be aware of the distinction between material and spiritual success.
VIOLIN - Allow your feelings to surface.
VOLCANO - Something kept hidden suddenly emerges. Anger. Frustration. There is an obstruction in your life that must be dealt with before it explodes.
WAGON - Inheritance; childhood; simple pleasures.
WASP - Danger of small harm.
WATERFALL - Wealth and prosperity.
WHEEL - A turning point in life. Events outside your control will change the direction of your life.
WINGS - Do not box yourself in or limit yourself unnecessarily.
WOLF - You will be challenged or betrayed by someone.
YOKE - Domination or control you should not allow.
ZEBRA - Be more flexible and adventurous in your travel plans.

Note: This post was compiled from various sources by Shirley Twofeathers for Gypsy Magic, you may repost and share it only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. Blessed be.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to Read Tea Leaves

Follow this simple 6 step procedure to read tea leaves for yourself or a friend. Tea leaf reading is easy, fun and possibly a little bit enlightening!

Step 1: Make a cup of tea.
Choose a white or light colored teacup. Almost any leaf tea will do nicely. My personal preference is Earl Grey. If avoiding caffeine, you might even choose an herbal variety. The herbal options are delicious: jasmine, peppermint, chamomile... the list goes on and on...

I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved to my new website Divination, hosted at, and can be found in its entirety here: How To Read Tea Leaves

Reading Tea Leaves - Basic Instructions

The enquirer should drink their tea until only a spoonful or so is left in the bottom of the cup. They should hold the cup in the left hand and swirl it around three times in an anti-clockwise direction, then turn it upside down to drain. The cup is then passed to the person who is to read it.

Prepare to do the reading by quietening the mind. Hold the cup with the handle in your right hand, or you can hold it in both hands if it feels more comfortable. The brain likes to make pictures out of abstract blobs, which is why se see faces in stained walls or castles in clouds. It is this principle that inspires the psyche to see omens in the tea leaves. Move the cup about if it helps you to see the patterns clearly. It can also help if you let your eyes go slightly out of focus.

The leaves should be read in a kind of spiral motion working anti-clockwise from the handle around the rim, back to the handle, then the sides, and finally the bottom of the cup. As a general rule, the nearer to the rim of the cup a symbol appears, the sooner the event will be. The larger the symbol, the greater will be the impact on the enquirer's life.

source:Gypsy Magicby Patrinella Cooper

These are basic the instructions for reading tea leaves. For something a little more detailed, see this step by step procedure.

Reading Tea Leaves

In the old days, a Romany woman would read a housewife's tea leaves in exchange for a refreshing cuppa and a few old clothes. Sometimes a Gypsy Queen, dresssed in her finest and laden with all her jewellry, would preside over a special tea-drinking party for a few favoured clients. The best bone china and lace tablecloth would be brought out to impress upon the Rawnies (ladies) the importance of the occasion - and how privileged they were to be invited. No doubt the fee for the teacup-reading was suitably increased to fit the occasion.

It is not only tea leaves that can be used for this type of reading: coffee and cocoa grounds, or anything that leaves a sediment in the cup, can be used in the same way. If you prefer teabags, you can of course break open the bag before making the tea in the usual way. This should ensure that a good pattern is left in the cup, but if you do take the trouble to make a good old-fashioned pot of loose-leafed tea, you will also have the extra bonus of a truly satisfying taste.

One drawback with reading the teacups is that is is all too easy to fall into the habit of reading the cups at every tea break, which tends to belittle this method and turn it into a parlour game. But as long as it is used with respect it will give excellent results.

Most authorities state that the cup should be plain white and shallow, but I have never found that the shape of the cup was important, nor that a patterned cup adversely affected the reading. Indeed, Romanies have always disliked plain white china, preferring it to be richly decorated.

source:Gypsy Magicby Patrinella Cooper

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