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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Old Superstitions About Spiders

Never kill a spider, it's very bad luck! Here are some of the "old country" beliefs about seeing spiders and what it might mean:
  • A spider with syrup cures fever.
  • Seeing a spider run down a web in the afternoon means you'll take a trip.
  • You'll meet a new friend if you run into a web.
  • A spider is a repellent against plague when worn around the neck in a walnut shell.
  • Seen running over clothes - a new set of clothes
  • Finding a spider in the morning - Sorrow
  • Finding a spider at midday - Anxiety
  • Finding a spider in the evening - Loss
  • A spider spinning in the morning - Good Luck
  • A spider climbing its thread - Good News
  • A spider dropping on its thread - Good Luck
  • Finding a spider on your body - Good Fortune
  • Seeing a spider cross a wall - Good Luck
  • A spider's web on a doorway - A Visitor
  • A spider on your clothes – Money
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